10 Lies You Were Told About The Cold War

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So, you thought you knew everything about the Cold War? Well, think again! Learn the real facts here…

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15 thoughts on “10 Lies You Were Told About The Cold War

    1. The US didn’t use the M1 rifle in the Vietnam War, instead they used the M14 rifle. The M14 was based upon the M1 but really the two were completely different. The M14 used the 7.62 x 51 cartridge, was select fire, and used 20 rd detachable box magaines… all of which the M1 did not and could not use

  1. You also have NUTS (Nuclear Utilization Targeting Strategy) as well as MAD, for the nuclear deterrent strategy.

  2. Senator JFK started the arms race. the military typically prepares 3 reports: worst case, best case, most likely case. JFK presented the worst case scenario of Nukes created by Russia as the truth, He claimed Russia had tens of nuclear warheads. IN REALITY, THEY HAD NONE. So they reacted in fear, and the race was on.

  3. Berliner or Berliner Pfannenkuchen are just called Pfannenkuchen in east Germany, while they are called Berliner in the most other parts of germany. And yes they are mostly identical to donuts. They just dont have the hole and have a filling, which some donuts still have. Only because donuts are common today in germany, does not mean they were at the time. So alltime10’s was correct with there translation. While pfannenkuchen still also means pancake. By the way berliner are called Kreppel in Hesse. These things have to many names.

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