Top 10 Musicians Who Surprisingly Didn’t Die From Drugs

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Top 10 Musicians Who Surprisingly Didn’t Die From Drugs

Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll seemed to have worked out all right for these artists. WatchMojo picks ten musicians who pushed the limits and made it out alive.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Iggy Pop, The Stooges
#9. Eric Clapton
#8. Slash, Guns N’ Roses
#7. Steven Tyler, Aerosmith
#6. Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys
#5. Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead
#4. Shane MacGowan, The Pogues
#3. ?

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Musicians Who Surprisingly Didn’t Die From Drugs

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    Compare that with psychopathic cocaine!? C’mon
    Cocaine addicts have shit tons of ego. Want to boast about their drug experience (like weed kids,). And this fucking dude referring this stupid cocain like a best in the world, i fucking bet with my fucking life and loved one’s he never done a dope before that interview!

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    Depression? Gone!
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    Social anxiety? You can even become a president!
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    Ahhhh…. even mentally challenged from birth, you can become a theoretical physicist and end up creating the one and only theory of everything OOK!?!!!
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  2. wtf, no Phil Anselmo? He literally died for a few minutes on stage after an overdose. Why tf is he not on this list

  3. Jim Morrisson, James Taylor, and Joe Walsh should had been mentioned in the list ;uckily they lives long enough to become sober as well as David Crosby they all had addiction and habits like the ones that were featured in the video And at the moment are alive

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