Top 10 Scary Occurrences That Happened At 3 AM – Part 2

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Top 10 Scary Occurrences That Happened At 3 AM – Part 2
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Hello everyone and welcome back to most amazing top 10 im your host Che Durena. Now why would you stay up unitl 3am, well probably because your out doing bad things with great people. But sometimes its because something spoooky is happening and you just cant bring yourself to fall asleep. Or maybe your looking for trouble in all the right places. There is a lot of strange things going on during the witching hour and you guys seem to be really interested in it because we just made a list about this and it was so popular that im going to be bringing you todays list of top 10 scary things that happened at 3am part 2

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Occurrences That Happened At 3 AM – Part 2

  1. I stay up till 4 in the morning because I can’t fall asleep at 2 because I’m not tired and I’m to scared to go to sleep at 3 because I always get a feeling like someone’s trying to murder me, so I stay up to 4 and on days where I get a creepier feel I stay up till 5 or 6. Man, I’m gonna have a tough time getting my sleeping schedule back to normal because of school.

  2. I always stay up until its 5AM and 3AM passes by so quickly but when it is 3AM nothing absalutely nothing happened(belive me i have been doing this for 5 years)And i belive it is fake

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